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i've pretty much come to the realization that thanks to western ideals, everything but nipples and genitalia (female and male, far less men than women) are fair game in our commercial visual world. the human body has been sold to us in a myriad of shapes and styles through the magic of tv except for these two simple areas. so here we are at the final frontier. to think that janet jackson's nipple could cause so much chaos. are they serious??? note to women... be warned that at the tips of your breasts you carry concealed weapons that could rip the very fabric of our society asunder should one escape! *gasp!* and then there are the quiet vulva and the humble penis. give me a break. go watch the primate cage and see how we used to be eons ago. it's no big deal, people.

and then there's sex. two dogs do it in the yard and you hit them with the hose. you got to think from the dog's point of view for a split second before you hit them, would i like it if the fire department busted in on me during the act? we all do it and thank goodness or we wouldn't be here. demonize it all you want, it's never going away.

we glorify death on tv and games but heaven forbid (figuratively and literally) if anyone celebrates the act of passion/procreation.

is DA the place for porn? well... that's debatable. one man's art is another man's porn. open minded or closed. prudish or lude.

can penetration pass as art? is coitus something you can frame and sell as prints?

in all things... the eye of the beholder holds the fate of the objective world.

i say: take pictures. capture the light.

y tu?


Joden Malik
United States

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